Products and Services offered by Nasdaq ifbd

Infobird Nasdaq ifbd at offers innovative personalized “Cloud Computing” customer management technology applications for many companies and organizations, based on a “customer-centric” mentality and using “Cloud Computing” architecture and SaaS model. The call-center-based Cloud Management Platform “Qitongbao” first appeared on the market in 2008. It celebrates the beginning of a new era of enterprise-level Internet applications.


Qitongbao is a business-oriented “Public Cloud” service. It actively allocates resources, controls operations, and tracks performance during the consumer life cycle: find consumers, notify customers, follow up with customers, retain customers, and so on, to assist businesses in gaining new customer confidence and maintaining strong customer engagement rates and loyalty, as well as achieving balanced growth and sustainability management targets.

Infobird Longxing System

Longxing’s corporate system is focused on the consumer. Collaboration between the product department, marketing department, distribution department, customer service department, and other divisions is needed to increase company value.

Infobird knowledge-based

To increase information sharing and collaboration, and teamwork and communication performance, the Nasdaq ifbd Knowledge base has centralized control of the enterprise’s products (services) delivery, customer service procedures, rules and regulations, and so on.

BPO call center

Infobird Nasdaq ifbd provides rooms, physical agents, call center infrastructure, network, system administration, support, and other resources to fulfill the needs of businesses in a variety of ways, including leasing physical agents.


Infobird can easily set up a private Cloud Storage IP Contact Center at a low cost for customers by using advanced cloud infrastructure and networking technologies. Infobird IP Cloud Contact Center’s IP infrastructure provides for fast implementation and extension. It may be used to build a Contact Center, a Hotline, or a Telemarketing System, among other things. Individual building needs of a variety of business clients can be met with ease.

Infobird Task Tracking system

Task monitoring device improves business service through science management concepts. It covers subjects such as workflow, operation phase control, and other aspects of customer process management. It keeps track of customer service requests, monitors operations, and reviews employees. By partnering with a call center system, and it also improves business competitiveness and consumer satisfaction.

Government and public utility

Infobird software has created a bridge of knowledge distribution and efficient collaboration to address government-faced infrastructure challenges, based on Cloud Computing Architecture and combined with existing government websites, contact centers, and enterprise processing and application systems.

Infobird middleware

Flexibility and synchronization are architecture standards that Infobird Middleware adheres to. It will control a wide variety of communications and computer devices, and assist a wide range of digital methods, call and data simultaneous transmission, and call business and job flown generation. There are many other stocks such as nyse chpt at