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Power Adjustments Barrage If used with Power Focus: 100% likelihood for stun and applies a weakening If used with Energy Focus: Target cap elevated to 10 targets (sixteen for Tankers) If you happen to beforehand had Stun in your construct, you may now have Energy Crash Stalkers only: This power has a 16s recharge (instead of a 9s recharge for different ATs), with proportional damage and endurance price will increase per the standard damage formulas As Stalkers would not have Whirling Fingers, they rely entirely on Power Crash for AoE injury Whirling Hands Damage increased from scale 1 to scale 1.1819 (it was slightly beneath what the harm system dictated) Complete Focus Cast time reduced from 3.3 seconds to 2.53 seconds Whole Focus grants a cost of Energy Focus (even if energy misses) Vitality Focus Energy Focus is consumed when casting certain Power Melee powers in order to supply bonus results (Power Focus will not be consumed if the power misses) Power Focus expires after 15 seconds Stalkers / Scrappers solely:

Activation time diminished from 15s to 10s This power has a new icon to match the other prestige teleportation powers Assemble the Group This energy has a brand new icon to match the opposite prestige teleportation powers Public sale Home Teleporters The purchasable Public sale Home teleporter powers have been faraway from Auction Home These powers had quite a few bugs, and teleporting on to the auction house isn’t that useful with the /ah command available Day Job Teleportation Powers These Day Job powers have been shuffled across the Monitor Obligation Teleporter (teleport self to base) power can now be earned by logging off close to a base portal, and now not requires the Speedy Alpha Crowd Control Stanchions Canada Response Member Accolade The Monitor Responsibility badge accelerates earning fees of this energy, in step with other primary day job powers Fast Response Portal is a new day job energy which summons a base portal, and is now earned by logging off close to a base portal with the Fast Response Member Accolade With the Accolade you will earn charges of Monitor Duty Teleporter and the Rapid Response Portal The old Monitor Responsibility day job

The Hero and Villain TUNNEL networks have been merged together Vigilantes and Rogues will now see both Hero and Villain zones within the listing Heroes, Villains, Vigilantes, Rogues and Praetorians can now all use the identical portals in co-op zones TUNNEL can now be utilized by Praetorians Praetorians will only be capable of access zones in Praetoria Free Fire Zone (PvP) Helicopter Line All helicopters to and from PvP zones are now linked (together with new helicopters in Siren’s Call near the hero hospital and in Peregrine Island close to the enviornment) It’s also possible to use it to travel between the connected PVE zones, however only those that match your present alignment More information about these changes could be discovered within the Zone Travel Updates thread.